Our Mission

Our mission and aim is to provide the revll01opportunity for traders, entrepeneurs and small enterprises to have a web presence along with a domain and email management at a price that they believe and feel is affordable .
DIY websites offering  a variety of free services are not necessarily as cheap in the long run as they may appear to be.


If you fall into the category above then you may wish to explore further to avoid falling into some common pitfalls waiting to trap you!

Government Digital Initiative

To get more businesses online, doing more business.
This year (2018) t
he web will be 29yrs old with more than 2.6 billion users

To be adopted by 50 million users;
Radio took 38 years
Television took 13 years
The World Wide Web took 4 years
 Facebook took just 10 months.

89% of people use a smartphone or tablet to go online and 85% of all internet searches go via Google, Yahoo or Bing.

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